Salut, my name is Michel

I acknowledge

that I live and work on unceded T’Sou-ke territory and Coast Salish Territories. I endeavour to honour the land and its people by strengthening our relationship and responsibilities to the land.

Since the 80’s photography has been part of my life long journey.

 As a photographer, recording everyday life is a segment of my core values, and so is the importance of being artistically creative.  I enjoy studying the photographic works of masters like Julia Margaret Cameron, Margaret Bourke-White, Chia Madoz, Michael Kenna, Richard Avedon, Andreas Gursky, and painter Salvador Dali.

I also enjoy the creative freedom that comes with composition and fine art photography. Each of my fine art and compositional work are meant to generate conversation, create debate, and spark one’s imagination. 

As a freelance photographer, I am always available for commissioned work, and enjoy working with people when it comes to portrait work. 

 I am an active member of the Professional Photographers of Canada where I continue to develop my skills.  And I am also an instructor at Pacific Design Academy, where I teach both Photography and Photoshop.  

An important part of my portfolio is giving back, and I volunteer my time to teach photography to Seniors at Sooke Regional Life Long Learning (SRLL), and volunteering with the Achieve Anything Foundation in particular their "The Sky’s No Limit – Girls Fly Too!, event".

 I will conclude with a quote from Ansel Adam “You don’t take a photograph, you make it”, and this serves as the philosophy behind all of my work.

Image taken by: Derek Ford, Derek Ford Studios

PPOC Accreditation

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